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Royal Tent was established in 2003 and has grown to become one of South Africa’s leading tent manufacturers compliment  with a staff of 250 employees across all of our 24 branches in the country. The products that Royal Tent manufactures include: wedding tents, church tents, funeral tents, stretch tents, frame tents, peg and pole tents, alpine tents, portable plastic toilets, VIP toilets, mobile fridges, mobile kitchen, plastic chairs, Tiffany chairs, and trailers. Our mission has always been to meet and exceed our customers expectations by providing quality products which has enabled us to remain true and committed to our motto, “ The World’s Best Tents


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Stretch Tents

Stretch Tents for Sale are manufactured locally by one of the leading tent manufacturers in the country. The Royal Stretch Tents are 100% waterproof stretch tents, uniquely flame retardant and made with great quality material. Buy your Stretch Tent For Sale Now!
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Peg & Pole Tents

Don't miss our Peg and Pole Tents For Sale Now! Our Peg and Pole Tents have become one of the most popular tents. These tents are manufactured using heavy duty PVC coated fabrics that come in a variety of colors. These tents are also referred to as wedding tent or church tents.
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Frame Tents

Our Frame Tents can accommodate a seating capacity between 50 and 1500 seats. We have a wide range of frame tents which includes, but not limited to, aluminium frame tents and world class marquee tents. We can also custom make your ideal size tent upon request.
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Alpine Tents

Alpine tents for sale is more appealing and stable compared to the traditional peg & pole tents. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in the industry. These tents can house roughly 10000 seats thus making them the biggest tents manufactured in Durban.
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Mobile Chillers

Buy Mobile chiller for sale to South Africa and Africa direct from the best mobile cold rooms manufacturer.
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VIP Toilets

These VIP toilets for sale are mobile and have more than one cubicle making them suitable for any event at any location. We can also tailor make one to suit you.
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Mobile Freezers

Mobile freezer for sale by the manufacturer to South Africa and direct importers into Africa. We are the leading suppliers of mobile freezers in this industry.
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Mobile Kitchens

We manufacture these kitchen for sale in our factory in Durban. these come in two sizes, small and a large. Each one is fitted with a fully functional kitchen to operate in and run your business.
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Portable Toilets

Portable  toilets for sale are convenient units, made in a range of colours to choose from. Non flush and flushing toilets available.

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Cabana Tents

Included in our wide range of tents are these stunning Cabana Tents that would be perfect for any outdoor event on a sunny day. The sides of these tents are open which allows for draping suited for the event that is being hosted. These are also manufactured using heavy duty material.
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Bedouin Tents

Bedouin Tents are also known as Stretch Tents. We manufacturer ours using heavy duty, waterproof and non-waterproof material. These tent are perfect for garden weddings, parties, small food stalls for selling, carnivals, and many more outdoor events and are suitable for all weather conditions.
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Jumping Castles

At Royal Tent, we also manufacture Jumping Castles suited for all kiddies parties. We manufacture the standard 3mx3m and 4,5mx4,5m jumping castles, 3mx7m jumping castle with a slide and a pond, as well as the 3mx7m jumping castles which accommodates more people. These include a blower.
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