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This appliance is made up of a large tank, into which the oil is poured, and a basket, which can be safely submerged into the oil after it has gotten hot enough. There are both commercial and home models. Commercial fryers are very common in fast food restaurants and are used to prepare French fries and other foods. A deep fryer is not one of the most common home cooking appliances, but it can be used to prepare fried foods at home.

A deep fryer is a cooking appliance that provides a relatively safe way to submerge items of food in hot oil without the cook getting burned. Cooking with large amounts of oil can be very dangerous, as it tends to splatter and can cause serious burns. Oil is often heated to temperatures approaching 280° to 400°F (140° to 200°C). Rather than heating oil in a pot, it’s much safer to use a fryer to cook such foods.

Home fryers are smaller in size with smaller oil capacity chambers and are built to fry less amounts of food so individual portions or servings for only a few can be fried. In addition to stove top fryers many smaller Deep Fryers are built as electrical appliances so the cooking can be accomplished on a counter top.

When using a deep fryer, the oil can typically be reused multiple times, often as many as 10 or 15. Either corn oil or vegetable oil are good choices; olive oil is generally too expensive to use, since quite a lot of oil is needed. Cooks can even keep the oil in the tank, as long as it will be kept in a cool place and will be reused within several weeks.

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